Jinbo – The best dim sum in Seremban?

Whether you’re a serious foodie or just a dim sum enthusiast, if you get the opportunity to try Jinbo Dim Sum while you’re in Malaysia I strongly recommend that you grab that opportunity with two hands, some chopsticks and perhaps some soy sauce.

Jinbo Dim Sum is probably my favourite dim sum restaurant. Not just in Seremban, not just in Malaysia.

I mean anywhere.

Believe me, I’ve eaten my fair share of dim sum across Asia and in China towns in a lot of countries.

All things considered, I think Jinbo is definitely one of the best. I couldn’t even imagine getting the same quality of food for the same price in somewhere like Sydney, but if it existed, it would be the talk of the town and the line to get in would stretch around the block.

Okay, enough of the intro, let’s dive into what you really want to know about Jinbo Dim Sum.

Jinbo Dim Sum Location

Jinbo has 3 locations, but I’ve only been to one of the Seremban restaurants so far (multiple times!).

The Jinbo Dim Sum location addresses.
The Jinbo locations, according to their menu.

There are two Jinbo locations in Seremban and one in Cheras.

You can contact Jinbo by email at: jinbodimsum@gmail.com

Opening Hours

Jinbo is open from 7am until 3pm, 7 days a week.

If you’re an early-riser and love dim sum, you’re in luck because Jinbo is open early.

Some of the dim sum at Jinbo. Char siu bao, har gao and siu mai
I’m drooling just looking at these…


There is street parking available right outside the Jinbo that I went to in Seremban, but I imagine that sometimes it gets difficult to find an empty spot.

In any case, Seremban isn’t nearly as congested as KL, so even if you don’t find a parking spot right outside, you’ll probably be able to find one within a couple of hundred metres of the restaurant.


Jinbo is great value for money in my opinion.

The most recent time that I went there, our group was 5 people and we all ate enough to be full.

The total price was 78rm.

A similar meal in Kuala Lumpur would probably cost at least double and if we were in Sydney it probably would have cost 6-8 times as much for a similar spread.

Great value.

The detailed bill at Jinbo dim sum in Seremban.
11 different dishes for 78rm.


Jinbo has wifi available to guests.

Jinbo Dim Sum has wifi for guests.
Jinbo has wifi available. Ask the staff for the password.

Jinbo Menu

Jinbo has two menus – a normal menu and a special menu.

The normal menu is where you’ll find steamed, fried and cold dim sum, porridge and lasagne.

I’ve gotta say, the pictures they have on the menu beside “lasagne” don’t look anything like Italian lasagne though!

The Jinbo dim sum menu.
Gotta say, these pictures don’t do the items justice. They look much better in real life.

The special menu only has a handful of items on it. Perhaps it was an afterthought after they had already printed the main menu.

On the special menu you’ll find some dessert items, dumplings, porridge and noodles.

Is Jinbo Halal?

No, Jinbo is not halal.

Jinbo serves a number of pork dishes. If this is a problem for you, Jinbo may not be the restaurant for you.

Jinbo dim sum is not halal.
Xiao Long Bao from Jinbo Dim Sum. Definitely not halal.

Breakfast in Seremban

Seremban has lots of breakfast options, the vast majority of which I haven’t tried yet.

However, you could certainly do much worse than having breakfast at Jinbo Dim Sum.

I absolutely love the place.

Two of the dim sum choices available at Jinbo Dim Sum in Seremban.
Incredibly fresh and delicious dim sum at Jinbo in Seremban.

Jinbo Review

Here’s how I rate various aspects of the Jinbo dining experience:

Food quality9/10

I would be such a terrible food critic, I have a pretty low threshold for being impressed. I think everything is good.

But, Jinbo is on another level, the food is SERIOUSLY awesome.

When I was inputting the numbers in the table above, I really wanted to give them 11/10 overall, but realised that would look a bit silly given the average of the other numbers is about 9.

Fresh and delicious dim sum at Jinbo.
Get in my belly!

By the way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the service, it just didn’t stand out to me as much as the quality, taste and price of the food did.

I’m not on the payroll and I’m not earning any sort of commission for recommending Jinbo, but if you can find a way to get there you definitely should.

You won’t be disappointed if you like dim sum.

Safe travels!


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