Crowne Plaza Hotel Macau (with Video)

Last stayed October 2023

The Crowne Plaza hotel is a very comfortable place to stay while visiting Macau.

Located towards the northern limit of Macau quite close to the border with the mainland, it’s a short drive to the middle of Macau, but a little further away from some properties and areas a bit closer to the airport.

Getting around

The hotel has regular shuttle buses to two locations. One at the border crossing to Zhuhai and another about 10 minutes south, near some of the famous properties.

Alternatively, you could just take taxis to get around or explore the local area on foot.

But it’s probably a bit too far to walk from the hotel to middle of the action where some of the famous properties are.


I think the Crowne Plaza is good value for money and might be a bit more affordable than hotels of a similar standard because of the location.

We paid around $150 USD and the check-in staff were nice enough to give us a free upgrade to a Deluxe King room.

For what we paid, I think the room we stayed in was a great deal.

the gym at Crowne Plaza Macau is quite small
Pretty small, but better than nothing.


The gym in the hotel isn’t much.

But in a pinch, you can work up a sweat and it’s better than nothing.

There’s also a swimming pool beside the gym, although we didn’t try it.

Crowne Plaza Macau Deluxe King Room Tour
Here’s a tour of the Deluxe King room at Crowne Plaza Macau.

Food options

We didn’t eat or drink in the hotel besides drinking some of the infused water in the lobby.

Outside the hotel, you can walk around the nearby streets and there seem to be quite a few local style places to eat not far away, so you’ll have plenty of food choices.

We had a nice coffee at a beautiful coffee shop that you’ll see if you go out the back entrance from the hotel and then turn right.

We also ate at a couple of the local restaurants and the food was great. As an added bonus, because the location of the hotel isn’t in the middle of the action, it’s a bit more local and relaxed and a lot less touristy than you would find elsewhere.

Deluxe King Room

The room was spacious and comfortable. Really nice from end to end including a walk-in wardrobe and I especially liked the sliding door to expose the bathroom to the rest of the room.

Really can’t fault it at all. It was top notch.

The couch and bed in a deluxe king room at Crowne Plaza Macau with the bathroom in the background
The slider to open up the bathroom to the rest of the room was a nice touch.

Pros and cons

The things that I didn’t love about the Crowne Plaza in Macau were:

  • The location was pretty far from some of the places you might want to go
  • The gym was about the same size as the bathroom in our room
  • The shuttle bus would be more helpful if it stopped at a couple more popular places

On the positive side, I liked basically everything else:

  • Value for money
  • Room comfort and size
the bed, desk, lounge and view from the window in a deluxe king room at Macau's Crowne Plaza hotel
Mainland China is clearly visible from the window – pretty cool.


I would definitely stay at the Crowne Plaza hotel again in the future, but I would also like to try some other hotels too.

It’s a good option for comfort and value, but the main concern is the location.

Given the fact that Macau isn’t a huge place and you can get around fairly easily by taxi, I think the location is something that you can live with to stay in such a nice hotel for a very reasonable price.

the bed in a deluxe king room at Crowne Plaza Macau with the couch and window in the background
The bed was comfortable too!


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