Doubletree Perth Buffet Breakfast (with Video)

I’ve eaten breakfast at the Perth Doubletree by Hilton quite a few times, so I thought I should share what it looks like so that you can decide if it’s something you want to try.

In my opinion, it’s a pretty good breakfast option. The location is great, the view is beautiful, the food is decent and the price is reasonable compared to alternatives.

It’s not THE BEST breakfast you’ll ever have, but it ticks most of the boxes that you would expect.

Here are all the details..

Doubletree by Hilton Perth Buffet Breakfast (full walk-through)
A full walk-through of the breakfast spread.


As of the time of recording this video (March 2024), the price for breakfast is $35 per person if you’re a walk-in. You can add 2% to that if you want to pay by credit card for a total of $35.70.

When I first ate there it was $29 per person, and then the price went up to $32 per person.

the hot food station at the Doubletree buffet
The hot food options, with the egg station in the middle behind the glass.

Hot food

There’s a decent selection of hot food and you can have omelettes cooked to order, as you would expect from this sort of place. However, it does feel that the omelette chef is a little hard to talk to because of the giant glass wall, so you kind of need to get their attention or talk to one of the staff walking around near the tables to place your order.

Cold food

A pretty standard spread of fruit, birched muesli, yoghurt etc. It’s got everything you would expect, but nothing additional.

the cold fruit options at the Doubletree Perth breakfast buffet
The cold fruit selection.


I give the Doubletree buffet breakfast a 7.5/10.

It’s fine, the price is fine and the view is really nice. It’s not bad at all, although it’s also not my favourite breakfast buffet in Perth.

Personally, I’ll likely consider one breakfast here each time I visit Perth moving forward unless something drastic changes with the way they do things.

What do you think?

Have you eaten here lately? What did you think of it?

the view looking towards South Perth
The view out the window looking south is really nice.


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